The Young Entertainers Academy Awards (YEAA) aims to not only highlight the achievements and hard work of young performers, but to also encourage and inspire more young people to get involved in performing, and to enable more young people to learn about the opportunities available to young performers in the entertainment industry.



The YEAA VISION is to enable young performers from all walks of life to benefit from our year-round programme of events and activities, which include:


  • National and regional awards ceremonies (rewarding excellence)
  • Peer mentoring (with professionals from the entertainment industry)
  • Workshops (in audition technique, performance confidence, camera technique, musical theatre and acting).


The YEAA MISSION is to support and reward the outstanding performances of young entertainers in film, television, stage, dance and music across a variety of categories & sectors, and to assist and encourage challenged young performers to keep their dreams alive.

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Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission
Vision & Mission